Mar 30, 2015

Three Act Structure

Watch the following film and identify the elements of the three act structure using your handout from class.

DUE Start of next class!

Jan 29, 2015

New Video Challenge: Convey a Color

Create a 60-second film expressing a theme through focusing on one specific color.

The rules:
  1. Focus on one color as your subject, using or referencing that color in each shot.
  2. Add one piece of CC licensed or public domain music
  3. Add credits for filmmaker and music
  4. vary your shots (combine extreme close ups, close ups, medium and wide shots)
  5. If you keep the ambient sound from the clips please balance the final mix so it's smooth with the music you use.
Here are a few tips from Vimeo on ways to approach this challenge:
As always, there are many ways to look at this Challenge. Consider using a theme; how does each color make you feel? What does it mean? While you're looking for your color, remember that there's room to play with shooting techniques. An easy way to shake up your video is to vary your shots; we suggest combining close-ups, medium, and wide shots! And of course, always think about the composition of each shot!
DUE Date: Feb 18th!

Here are a few examples from Vimeo:

Jun 24, 2013

CAP Hollywood Films


I posted all the CAP Hollywood films on the site. If, for whatever reason, you do not want your film posted please let me know and I will take it down.

Hope everyone is having a great summer. Sorry for the delay in getting these films up!


Jun 17, 2013

CAP Hollywood 2013


I'll have the CAP Hollywood films posted sometime this week. Let me know if you have any questions.