Sep 6, 2017

About Me Google Slide Presentaion

Hello CAP 10 Students,

Great meeting everyone this week. Here are the directions for creating your About Me Google Slide Presentation:
  1. Create 8 to 10 slides sharing a few of the following aspects about yourself:

    - Hobbies and/or interests
    - Places you've traveled?
    - Family pets?
    - Unique talents?
    - Other ideas?
  2. Please include a personal motto for your last slide. 
  3. Please create your Google Slide Presentation using your non-school (personal) gmail account.
  4. Please share your Google Slide Presentation with me using this email:
Have fun with this. There's really no wrong way to put this together. The goal is that we all learn a little about each other as we start the new year. I look forward to seeing everyone's presentations!

Everyone should complete this TONIGHT so you'll be ready to present tomorrow. This is especially important in light of the schedule mix ups happening. So please get this done. 


May 10, 2017

Google Classroom Code

Please join Mr. Mayo's Google Classroom using the following code: wj6aesi.

Coversheets are due this Friday. Please turn them in via Google Classroom and MAKE SURE YOU SCAN AND ATTACH THE RUBRIC!

Let me know if you have any questions. mrmayo

Dec 2, 2016

PSA Project

  • 30 seconds EXACTLY
  • can't use audio from the video clips MUST use VO
  • Must incorporate a green screen!
  • Must include music and a minimum of THREE SOUND EFFECTS
  • Must identify filming locations BEFORE writing script
  • No Car Crash Endings
Make a copy of this script template below and invite each member in your group. Carefully write out your script with corresponding camera shots. Also- add in the required three sound effects. Where will the effects be used? In what scenes? Please include filming location(s) in your script.

Two Column Script Template

Once your script is complete carefully storyboard EVERY SHOT in your PSA.

You will have Tuesday and Thursday next week to film!