May 29, 2015


The studio will be open tomorrow from 10am to 4pm for anyone who wants to come in and work on their CAP Hollywood films.

May 1, 2015

Night Trap - Short Film Marathon

  1. Describe the first scene you recognize in the film where things start to seem a bit strange or out of the ordinary. What film elements specifically (angles, music, acting, editing, lighting, etc.) tip the viewer off that things are a bit off or strange?
  2. The filmmaker waits until over 90 seconds into the film to post the title slide, NIGHT TRAP. Considering the structure of the plot do you think this is an effective way to show the title of this short film? Why or why not? Also, please explain how you and your group mates plan to show the title of your CAP Hollywood film? Will you show it at the very beginning, or wait a bit like this film?
  3. Right after the title slide appears the filmmaker adds some droney type of sound that remains for the rest of the film. How does the drone sound effect change the mood of this film and do you think it's effective?
  4. This film is beautifully shot. Please describe two of your favorite shots from the film.
  5. Please identify and explain something that stood out to you in this film- either positive or negative. 

Apr 29, 2015

Set Me Free

  1. How does the filmmaker use flashbacks to include important plot points from the three act structure we reviewed in class? What specific plot elements do the flashbacks cover? Please explain.
  2. What's the impact on the viewer of the continuous voiceovers throughout the film? 
  3. Identify a repeating shot (recurring symbol) the filmmaker uses throughout the film and explain the symbolic significance? 
  4. Please identify and explain something that stood out to you in this film- either positive or negative. 

Apr 27, 2015

Soundtrack Pre-Production Form

Create a duplicate of this Google Doc so you have it digitally. I expect the list of sound effects and music to be divided into acts and scenes and the URL's for each sound listed.

Soundtrack Pre-Production Form

Apr 26, 2015

Short Film Marathon

The Lunch Date

  1. List 4 examples of asynchronous sound effects in the film and the intended effect on the viewer?
  2. Why does the filmmaker start music at 6:15? What is the effect of this music on the scene and on the viewer?
  3. Does the main character change as a result of her "lunch date?" Please explain.

Mar 30, 2015

Three Act Structure

Watch the following film and identify the elements of the three act structure using your handout from class.

DUE Start of next class!