May 4, 2013

CAP Hollywood Reflection #1

Everyone should be wrapping up all filming by the end of this weekend for their CAP Hollywood productions. All filming must be completed by this Wednesday, May 8th. Otherwise, there is no way you will complete your films on time.

Here is the prompt for the CAP Hollywood reflection that is due before our next class. You can either post your reflection on your blog or type it out and hand it in. If you have any pictures or short clips from your films please consider sharing them in this reflection.
  1. Describe how your film is progressing at this point. What are some of the challenges? Successes? Concerns?
  2. What exactly have you contributed to your project this week. Please be very specific.
  3. What exactly do you need to get done next week? Please set a short term goal(s) for the following week.
All groups should have a rough cut of their films in their timelines by the end of this week. The footage I have seen so far is looking great. I can't wait to see your rough cuts at the end of this week. I'll be staying after school all this week for anyone who wants to put in extra editing time. I will also be at school the next two Saturdays for anyone who wants to edit.